Combined Air Dryers
Combined Air Dryers
Combined Air Dryers
Combined Air Dryers
Combined Air Dryers
Combined Air Dryers

Product review


Combination air dryer is a new kind of compressed air treatment product which consists of refrigeration and adsorption unit. The refrigeration unit can remove about 85% of moist air while the adsorption unit removes the other portion of moist water, the final dew point can reach to -70℃.

Combination air dryer utilizes the respective advantage of refrigerated and adsorption air dryer. The most portion of water is removed by refrigeration unit, thus reduce the load of adsorption unit.


Dew point as low as -50~ -70℃

The lifetime of desiccant can be extended by 3 triple  reduce the maintain cost.

Purge loss is only 3%,thus greatly reduce the energy cost.

Skid mounted design, easy for installation

PIC controller to achieve automatic control

Main Technical Data

Working pressure      6 -10 bar

Inlet temperature      ≤45℃

Ambient temperature  ≤45℃

Pressure Dew point    ≤ -40℃

Purge loss            3%

Switch time          15 min

Pressure drop        ≤ 0.5bar

Desiccant            activated alumina

Control method       PIC controller


Special voltages

Molecular sieve desiccant

Mounted air filters

Higher working pressure

Dew point as low as -70℃

Higher inlet temperature up to 80℃

Higher protection grade up to IP 65

Remote control

ASME certificated pressure vessel

Stainless steel pipes lines and fittings

Stainless steel pressure vessel

Different inlet/out connection

Technical Parameter

Rated Inlet Air Temp.Pressure0.4-1.0MPa
1≤45°C(Normal Temp.Type)
2≤80°C(High Temp.Type)
Air Exit Dew Point-70°C
Air Loss≤3%
System Pressure Drop0.05MPa
Enviroment Temp.≤40°C
Cooling Water Temp.≤32°C

Parameter table of combined low dew point compressed air dryer
Air Cooled Type

Water  cooled Type: